Friday, July 10, 2009

JULY Booking Events: New York

Seeing as how we're based in the Big Apple, the capital of the publishing world and a hot-stop for many author tours, I've decided to start posting a monthly list of author or book events at local bookstores, libraries, or parks.  I'll try to keep it well updated throughout the month and will announce anything new on Twitter.

Be sure to send me any exciting events you hear about, since I know I'll never be able to catch everything by myself!

Sun 7/12, 12:00 pm: "Basketball, Brunch, and Books" w/ Dave Reidy, WORD Brooklyn

Mon 7/13, 7:00 pm: "The Art of Racing in the Rain" w/ Gareth Stein, McNally Jackson Books

Tues 7/14, 7:30 pm: "Irreverent Curiosity" w/ David Farley, B&N Greenwich Village

Tues 7/14, 7:30 pm: "Best Friends Forever" w/ Jennifer Weiner, B&N Lincoln Triangle

Wed 7/15, 7:30 pm: "Heirloom: Notes From an Accidental Tomato Farmer" w/ Tim Stark, B&N Greenwich Village

Thurs 7/16, 6:30 pm: "Mystery Night: Jack Reacher Comes to New York!" w/ Lee Childs, Madison Sq. Park

Thurs 7/16, 7:00 pm: "The Winter Vault" w/ Anne Michaels, Strand

Thurs 7/16, 7:00 pm: "The Double Life is Twice as Good" w/ Jonathan Ames, BookCourt

Sun 7/19, 6:30 pm: "The Show That Smells and Blue Boy" w/ Derek McCormack & Rakesh Satyal, WORD Brooklyn

Mon 7/20, 7:00 pm: "Glover's Mistake" w/ Nick Laird, McNally Jackson Books

Tues 7/21, 7:30 pm: "The Snakehead: An Epic Tale of the Chinatown Underworld and the American Dream" w/ Patrick Radden Keefe, B&N Greenwich Village

Tues 7/21, 7:30 pm: "Hot and Wicked Botanical Book Night" w/ Margot Berwin, Amy Stewart, and Andra Miller, WORD Brooklyn

Tues 7/21, 7:30 pm: "Defector" w/ Daniel Silva, B&N Lincoln Triangle

Wed 7/22, 12:30 pm: "Word for Word" w/ Frank Delaney, Bryant Park Reading Room

Thurs 7/23, 6:30 pm: "Food as Fuel and Memory" w/ Moira Hodgson & Tim Stark, Madison Sq. Park

Mon 7/27, 7:00 pm: "American Nerd: The Story of My People" w/ Benjamin Nugent, McNally Jackson Books

Wed 7/29, 7:00 pm: "Old Girlfriends" w/ David Updike, McNally Jackson Books

Thurs 7/30, 6:30 pm: "Cheever: A Life" w/ Blake Bailey, Susan Cheever, Bret Anthony Johnston, & Max Rudin, Madison Sq. Park

Thurs 7/30, 7:00 pm: "Once You Go Back" w/ Douglas Martin, McNally Jackson Books

Thurs 7/30, 7:30 pm: "YA Not?" w/ Sheba Karim & Abeer Hoque, WORD Brooklyn

Does anyone know of anything else?

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Salvatore said...

Two events at McNally Jackson:

20th July: Nick Laird reading from his new novel 'Glover's Mistake'

27th July: Benjamin Nugent interviewed by Brant Rumble (Nugent's 'American Nerd' is worth a read, and Brant should make the discussion pretty humorous)