Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BBAW: Meet Heather!

So this is definitely my favorite part of Book Blogger Appreciate Week thus far, because I get to talk to another book blogger about something besides books. Sure, we all share that interest, but we have GOT to have a life outside of books. Some may say "you lie!" but I assure you it is true.

I was very glad to meet and speak to Heather of A High and Hidden Place: Tales of a Capricious Reader. She's a southerner (like me!) from North Carolina. In college, she was an English major with a minor in History. Though she's barely in her thirties, has been married for nine years, and has a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old, she refuses to grow up and is on a YA reading kick. I'm so glad to find someone eight years my senior that still refuses to grow up...I was starting to wonder if I'm going to have to give in at some point and stop watching Harriet the Spy and The Goonies every month.

We decided to go with some off-the-wall questions for our interview, because 1) they're more fun and 2) we talk about books enough as it is!

1. Describe yourself in a sentence.
It's complicated.

2. Top three pet peeves...GO!
1.) Turning down pages in a book to save your place. That is what they make BOOKMARKS and receipts for.
2.) Broken crayons.
3.) White text on a black background. Headache waiting to happen.

3. Who's on the top of your list for a dinner date?
Audrey Niffenegger at the moment. I would love to talk to her about HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY.

4. Do you have any quirky preferences of one thing over another? (ie: you'll only eat chunky peanut butter)
I like the pumpkin candy corn better than the corn candy corn.

5. What is your favorite language other than your native one?
French. Je pense que le Fran├žais est magnifique. And I am amazed that, after checking babelfish, that I had that sentence just about right! Go me!

6. Do you have any bad habits?
I have terrible posture and I pick at my toenails. Gross!

7. Your token "funny story"...tell it!
Well, when I was ten I was bitten by a snake in my backyard. I bet you are thinking, that's not funny! It really wasn't that bad, if you don't count the tears, my cries of "am I going to die!" and my grandma hollering at my grandpa to "Bring the da** hoe!" but it was. My uncle's stepdad was there. As a Vietnam Vet, he said he knew how to suck the poison out. I told him to stay away from my foot. My uncle left so fast, he left my aunt behind. And in Sunday School that morning, we had gone over the part of the bible where it says that the serpent shall bite the heel of woman (paraphrasing), which in hindsight, was pretty darn funny!

8. Are you a morning or night person?
I am totally a night person.

9. Guilty pleasure(s)?
Reading, because I usually read at home and well, sometimes the chores don't get done.

10. What's your dream job? What's your real job?
To work in a nice, small, cozy used bookstore, surrounded by the smell of old paper, the rustle of words on pages, and the dark, musty, organic feel of it all.

My real job is a production client operator for a large document copy. It's kinda boring, but the pay is good.

11. What's your favorite tradition (in your life)?
Every Saturday, my aunt, my son and I go to the Farmer's Market. It's fun and it's nice to get to spend the time with my aunt, who is practically a mother to me.

12. Coke or Pepsi?
Dude. Coke.

13. Favorite genre of tv/movie to watch?
Romantic comedies and action/adventure.

14. Obligatory book question: what book would you like to be a character in?
The Princess Bride. It's my absolute, most FAVORITE book.

15. Most important, what are some of your interests OUTSIDE of books?
Outside of books, I love to cook, knit (although I don't get to do that a lot, no time!), work with graphic things like making photocards, taking pictures, and playing with my babies.

Go check out Heather's awesome recently self-hosted blog, and be sure to check out her interview with me!


Salvatore said...

I agree about the bending of page corners. Receipts work just fine, and I use them all too much if I have my 'true' bookmarks in other books.

Good choice re: 'The Princess Bride'.

Meghan said...

I use receipts as bookmarks too. I get a million of them so I might as well make use of them. =)

Love the snake story!

Melissa said...

I think, out of the interviews I've read (all, say 5 of them), I like yours and Heather's best. :-) Fun.

Colin said...

For bookmarks I like using seat markers from Metro-North trains. They are tough to come by because the conductor always takes them before the train comes to its terminating stop. But they are the perfect size for all books.

Colin Matthew (TheBookPirate.com) said...

Heather sounds great. I'm going to check out her blog solely on the candy corn comment because the pumpkin candy corns are my favorite too.

Amy Reads Good Books said...

Nice interview! I agree. . .broken crayons are the worst! :)

Kari said...

Ha, I agree Colin Matthew. Dude, Heather, I don't think you could have had a better answer. That is EXACTLY the kind of answer I was hoping for...super random!!

Heather said...

That's me! I am totally random. In practically insane, I'm so random.

Thanks for being such a great interview partner! I think ours was the best, not that I'm biased or anything.

Heather J. said...

I have that chore problem myself … can’t they just do themselves? I’ve got to READ! And YAY for The Princess Bride – I’m hoping to read that with my son sometime soon since we both love the movie.