Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Note on Sarcasm and Wit

I've been going through all the shortlists for the BBAW awards, and I've discovered so many blogs. I mean, I know there are a lot out there, but there are a lot out there. It got me thinking that one of the main draws of book blogs (and blogs in general), besides getting so many good recommendations for my 'to read' list, is getting to know and enjoy the personalities of the blogs' authors. 

Sadly, I think I have been focusing so much on writing a good and coherent review in my posts (coherent because I tend to inarticulately ramble when talking out loud) that I have put my stunning personality, sarcasm, and wit on the back burner. And that's not the point—my goal is to always be fairly blunt and give an honest opinion and reaction to a book. My own mother even praised my blog-writing wit when I hopped the pond last year, and I'm fairly certain before that she wouldn't have been able to define the word "blog."

So I hope to amend this. And because I enjoy sites like The Superficial, Passive Aggressive Notes, Overheard in New York, People of Walmart, Texts From Last Night, STFU Marrieds, and Cats That Look Like Hitler, I was very excited to discover these equally entertaining blogs in the past couple of days:

In memory of a masterpiece of public television, I leave you with this. Just how I remember it, lying in front of the TV on my grandparents' carpet drinking milkshakes.


Amanda said...

Awful Library Books is a wonderful site! I love it. My husband and I just found in a few weeks ago.

Your blog is one of the ones I've added since first hearing about it on the short lists. :)

Chief Justice said...