Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Reading

Summer vs. Winter
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One of the most defining characteristics of myself is that I detest the cold. In my opinion, the temperature should never drop below 70 except for maybe the time between Thanksgiving and New Year's, at which point snow should also be present. I think most of it has to do with living in the city. I never remember hating the cold this much growing up in Tennessee (and before you ask, yes it does get cold there. It just doesn't stay cold as long). I enjoyed getting bundled up and going for walks in the snow, or sledding, or just reading in the living room while a fire was roaring in the fireplace. Now, I have to commute on my own two feet through the cold, and when it does snow, it stays pretty for maybe an hour before it turns slushy and grimey. Not to mention, slowblowers pile the snow off the road onto the edge of the sidewalk where it remains for weeks before it melts. Outside of the holiday season, winter in New York is not a thing of beauty. It's miserable.

So as I am sitting here in my office typing this, the heat is not working and my entire floor is bundled up in our heavy coats and gloves trying to get some work done (not to mention last night was our office party and not too many people are in any condition to enjoy work right now, but that's not my point) and this weekend, we are threatened with our first snow storm of the season. With winter weather looming, I fully plan to go into hibernation mode until it's time to wake up for work on Monday.

There is one good thing about winter (besides skiing, which ironically I love and don't do often enough!)—it's perfect for curling up under the covers with a good book, and that is exactly what I plan on doing this weekend and for many weekends until the temperature breaks 60. On my list for this weekend:
  • Finish reading Jill McCorkle's Ferris Beach, which has taken me entirely too long to read for some reason (busy).
  • Watch Lost in Austen instantly on Netflix as my last title in the Everything Austen Challenge.
  • Other books to read/begin: Joshua Ferris' The Unnamed, New Stories from the South
  • Other movies on my instant queue: Steel Magnolias (which I have never seen in full—shame!), 2 Days in Paris, Phoebe in Wonderland, Torn Curtain
I'm stocked with food and the only thing I must leave for is a brief Christmas party on Saturday afternoon. My cats will enjoy the company; it's just too bad that my Manhattan apartment doesn't have a fireplace.

Do you love winter or do you hibernate like me? How do you like to stay warm and happy when it's cold outside? What's on your winter reading list?


Barbara said...

I'm not a fan of the cold either. I don't even like to say the S word just in case it rears its ugly head. Sadly I'm stuck in a place where the weather is schizo. I really should have decided to stay back in CA and live in a cardboard box. The evil white has already been here and too much of it. It sucks having to wade through a big ass patch of it that's all icy and frozen with slushy spots just to push the button to cross the street.

I saw Lost In Austen. I loved seeing Gemima again. She was awesome on Hex and it was like a mini Hex reunion since Christina's in it too. That sounds like a good plan so happy reading and viewing. Hopefully you won't need someone to dig you out. I'm thinking about complaining to Mother Nature since she has a Twitter account since there are some numbers I refuse to acknowledge as temperatures although I'd be fine with it being 60.

Salvatore said...

As long as I have gloves I can stand the cold. I guess. Although a nice cup of tea tastes better after a cold day.

I've got the rest of Lydia Davis's collected stories for the break, and I hope to get through Pynchon's Mason & Dixon as well, though that one might be a bit harder to pull off. I think I need to bring something smaller too for my trek upstate.

Rebecca Reid said...

I like to hibernate. But I have a two-year old who likes to go in the snow (it's all so NEW to him) so this year will be a cold one...