Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sneak Peek: Farm Anatomy by Julia Rothman

It's no secret that I really want to live on a farm. I don't want it to really be a working one, because frankly, I'm too lazy for that—utmost respect for all working farmers. I just want to be surrounded by nature and know all the little details about plant and animal life that my mom seems to know. (How does she know these things?? She can ID any flower in about 3.2 seconds.) And I want at least two pigs, two goats, two sheep, two horses, and two chickens (so they can each have a friend, obviously). And lots of cats and a farm dog. And some owls.

I saw this book on display in the Workman booth at PLA, and it was just so awesome that I came home and special ordered it from my local bookstore, WORD. It's like a guidebook to rural living, and soon I'll be able to tell you how to make maple syrup and what kind of apple it is you're eating. The only thing it lacks, to me, is a quick guide to common flower and tree species, but I guess that's not specific enough to a farm. Oh well!

I'm sharing some photos I took of the illustrations, because I think they're wonderful. I hope you do too.


Aarti said...

This looks FANTASTIC!  I love the illustrations!  I also have dreams of just knowing how survive outdoors and living off the land in a way.  I think that's why I have been so enthralled by books and journals written by frontierwomen.  So interesting!

softdrink said...

What a gorgeous book! I always think it would be so cool to live in the country, and have a garden, and goats...and then I remember the chores that would be involved. And yeah...I'm too lazy, too. I'd rather just read about it. :-D